Music! Coin #001/250


The idea of this coin is simple: to frame both the intangible heritage of Caribbean culture and the legacy of the Caroni rum distillery in Trinidad. There is one word that can denote either music or alcohol – “Spirit”. Thus, Music Coin is dedicated to that powerful notion. You will easily find it in pleasant music and masterpiece dance, in excellent quality rum and in relaxing atmosphere.


  • Series: Music!
  • Platform: Open Sea
  • Year of issue: 2023
  • Face Value: 1 Lux Coin
  • Legal Tender: Republic of Lux Coin
  • Limitation: 250 individually numbered digital coins minted as ETH
  • Launching sequence: released in batches starting from coin 001/250
  • Possibility of re-sale on OpenSea platform
  • Technique used: 3D nft ETH token minted by Lux Coin Mint on Open Sea platform