About Us – let the light guide you.

Lux Coin – means Coin of Light. The word “lux” in Latin means “light“. In photometrics, which is the only branch of optics dealing with the assessment of light sources – “lux (lx)” is a unit of measurement of illuminance in the SI system. This measure is used to determine the intensity of light perceived by the human eye. Let our light guide you through life in most intense way. Worth remembering. With emotions. With passion and joy. Let our ideas shine as many moments in your day and night as possible.

Lux Coin is a private company based in Warsaw, Poland founded in 2017 by Lukasz Baranowski together with Enthusiasts and Business Angels as an initiative to create unique gold coins. We wanted to unify words we are passionate about – rarest spirits, limited editions, physical assets, coins (both physical and digital), tokens and digital world.

As Lux Coin we create unique monetary projects for collectors all over the world.

Our team consists of experts with many years of experience who passionately create new trends in the world of collector coins.

We are the authors of the collectible edition of golden Spirit Coins. This time, capsules with the oldest vintage liquors in the world become the spirit of a collectible, ‘goldsmithery’ artwork for the first time in history.

Our key facts presented with the ‘intensity of light’:

  • Few years presence on the market,
  • Hundreds Customers located from Canada to Macau,
  • Participation in Fairs in Beijing, China, London, UK and Berlin, Germany as Exhibitor,
  • Unique limited editions of Gold, Silver and Digital coins invented and designed by Us,
  • Few million € sales value from the beginning of the company’s operations,
  • Hundreds hours on meetings, Zoom calls, car trips, flights, fairs and exhibitions,
  • Hundreds of international media quotations on Spirit Coins Series,
  • Endless ideas for New Projects.