Cosmic Coin #001/195


Since the dawn of humanity, the Sun and the Moon have had a numinous character. They both fascinated and terrified human beings. Even the Scientific Revolutions could not stop their vital mystic power. The Sun is presented as a flywheel. The cogs could be interpreted as the planets and satellites. This technical representation will lead you back to the ancient view of the universe – perfect in shape and divine proportions.

Cosmic Series is a Set created on four Rum Single Casks distilled at Caroni distillery: La Lune, Le Soleil, Venus and Mars + Cosmic Coin – as ‘key’ to possess all.

Cosmic Coin is a Digital Coin, neatly designed, and carefully crafted and is limited to 195 pieces only worldwide. The Coin tops out the whole enterprise and, at the same time, opens the new Lux Coin’s coin universum. Available in batches through Open Sea platform.


  • Platform: OpenSea
  • Year of issue: 2023
  • Series: Cosmic Series
  • Face Value: 20 Lux Coin
  • Legal Tender: Republic of Lux Coin
  • Limitation: 195 individually numbered digital coins minted as ETH
  • Launching sequence: released in batches starting from coin 001/195
  • Possibility of re-sale on OpenSea platform
  • Technique used: 3D nft ETH token minted by Lux Coin Mint on Open Sea platform