JUKE-BOX HERO Coin #01/50


JUKE-BOX HERO Coin has been co-designed by Lux Coin and Jack Tar to illustrate the best moments and magic experiences people can have with Juke-Box Hero. It has been created as 50 different Coins, each one Unique, Extraordinary and Rare.

A Juke Box (attraction box) is a machine that is operated by inserting coins and it allows you to select songs to play. Our JUKE-BOX HERO is related to the amazing 50 bottles spirit Collection built on best quality Official Bottlings of Cognac, Armagnac, Gin, Eau de Vie, Whisky, Whiskey, Rum and other spirits. selected by Jack Tar Team together with Distilleries.

In the past, the Juke Box reflected a festive mood with a vintage touch, people never believed that they were creating memories but only knew that they were having fun. With the magical JUKE-BOX HERO we can do it again. Let’s enjoy our favourite moments, letting us be carried away by the experiences that take us to the festive, cheerful, and lively spirit of JUKE-BOX HERO.


  • Platform: Open Sea
  • Year of issue: 2023
  • Series: JUKE-BOX HERO Series
  • Face Value: 50 Lux Coin
  • Legal Tender: Republic of Lux Coin
  • Limitation: 50 individually numbered digital coins minted as ETH
  • Launching sequence: released in batches starting from coin 01/50
  • Possibility of re-sale on OpenSea platform
  • Technique used: 3D nft ETH token minted by Lux Coin Mint on Open Sea platform