China Coin Set


Pudong Shanghai

Pudong is most known district of the town of Shanghai. Due to its location and privileges it can be called the gateway to the mainland Chinese market. Famous for its unique advantages: a sound social and business friendly environment becomes a true skyline of one of most thriving cities in the world. The coin is dedicated to modern China.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool is known for its exquisite beauty. Its surroundings are all green with grass and shaded by swaying willow trees. In its waters the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is reflected.
At the side there are renovated buildings and white marble bridge across the water, and the Five Phoenix Temple built during the Ming Dynasty. Absolutely scenic landscape. The coin is dedicated to the historical China.


Pudong Shanghai / Black Dragon Pool

  • Country: /
  • Year of issue: 2022 / 2022
  • Metal : Silver / Silver
  • Fineness: 0,999 / 0,999
  • Weight: 1 oz (31,1g) / 1 oz (31,1g)
  • Diameter: /
    • Quality: /
    • Mintage: /
    • Certificate (COA): YES / YES

<li?Presentation case: YES / YES

  • Series: Historical China / Historical China



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