Sep 08

Minting Plan for Juke-Box Hero Coin

“And be a Juke Boxe Hero, got stars in his eyes.” – Juke Box Hero song by Foreigner. JUKE-BOX HERO is related to the amazing spirit Collection built on best quality Official Bottlings of Cognac, Armagnac, Gin, Eau de Vie, Whisky, Whiskey, Rum and other spirits. Collection is created as 50 different Chapters selected by Jack Tar... read more →
Sep 07

Minting Plan for Cosmic Coin

Cosmic Coin is the first one Digital Coin magically designed by Lux Coin with Jack Tar and limited to 195 pieces only worldwide. The coin merges two worlds, the space with its magical energy and the world of spirits with a series of four bottles of excellent Trinidad rum distilled... read more →
Jun 09
Juke Box Hero


JUKE-BOX HERO Coin has been co-designed by Lux Coin and Jack Tar to illustrate the best moments and magic experiences people can have with Juke-Box Hero. It has been created as 50 different Coins, each one Unique, Extraordinary and Rare available in Open Sea. JUKE-BOX HERO is related to the amazing spirit Collection... read more →
Apr 04
Cosmic Collection

Coin and Spirit. Blazing a new trail.

Cosmos and human imagination Since the dawn of humanity cosmos ignited the human imagination. Two biggest bodies the Sun and the Moon have had the most prominent, numinous character and influence. They both fascinated and terrified human beings; inspired and trembled. Moreover, some specific conjunctures were seen as good or... read more →
Jan 25
Spirit Coins

Lux Coin broadens its horizons over

The Spirit Coins series from Lux Coin It was precisely noted that Lux Coin has released 1st chapter of Spirit Coins series. Does it suggest the following chapters? Deffo. It must come to fruition sooner or later.
Dec 09

Lux Coin company has released the Cognac Coin

Cognac Gautier 1762 was produced in the year when the Trevi Fountain was revealed in Rome, whereas Louis XV was still reigning over France. In 2015, the alcohol was listed in Guinness World Records as the oldest cognac in the world. Now, a droplet of this 250-year-old alcohol was placed in the capsule... read more →
Jul 02
May 20

Passion and investments which make a well-matched duo

In 2018 investments in collector's editions of whisky made it possible to earn a 40% profit and were classified at the top of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index as recently published by the Wealth Report. Investments in coins, which made it possible to earn more than in wine or... read more →
Oct 22
Oct 14

World’s first Rum Coin to launch in London this October

This October marks the launch of the world’s first Rum Coin, which is enclosed with the oldest rum in the world - Harewood Rum 1780. Lux Coin company and Mint of Poland have collaborated on this special coin, with the first reveal at RumFest, the world’s premier rum festival in... read more →